mgBoost eDeveloper components / libraries

Welcome to the the mgBoost project at

mgBoost is a project there to provide people developing Software with "Magic" (eDeveloper) with a collection of peer-reviewed, open source, libraries designed for usage with Magic eDeveloper in commercial or non-commercial projects.

To download the latest version, submit your bug & enhancment requests, visit the project homepage at


The idea behing mgBoost , the name, the license ...  is stolen from another open source project, namely the Boost C++ libraries. Boost C++ is a set of high quality open source libraries for usage in C++ programming language ... something which cannot be used directly in Magic. The Boost C++ classes and templates need to be "wrapped" for usage within eDeveloper and mgBoost partly does exactly this. Most of the regular expression stuff f.i is based on Boost.Regexp.

If you are looking for general information regarding development of external libraries and usage within eDeveloper... be sure to check the Magic-Usergroup-Wikka as well.

More information about the development tool "Magic eDeveloper" you'll find at the vendor's site: From there you could downlaoad a free "Discovery" edition of the latest version of this development tool.

Currently mgBoost looks for people who are willed to help and you do not inevitably need to be a C/C++ programmer.
People who help with writing eDeveloper sample applications, documentation, manage releases, this website, ... maybe even complete eDeveloper components ... are very welcome.


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